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At Check Adigs we give you a sense of total package with highly rated quality, superior and excellent products.

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Your number one source for purchasing quality clothes online. We are dedicated to giving you the very best and what shall last bundled with exceptional customer service and uniqueness. Founded in 2020 by Adigun Kehinde and his founding member Omoya Oluwatimilehin. Check Adigs has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings in Lagos, Nigeria. When Kehinde and Oluwatimilehin started out, their passion for creativity led to designs that created bonds between them and their customers.

At Check Adigs we give you a sense of total package with highly rated quality, superior and excellent products. We now serve customers around the world, continuing to make our customers feel confident, attractive and futuristic. Join the future, place your order today!


Check Adigs offers a unisex clothing line that is exquisite and sophisticated, as well as practical and wearable. We offer a full range collection where each piece is special individually and provides chic and effortless style. We create inimitable pieces that can be worn for years, combined with basics or trends. Our primary concern is ensuring our customers are happy with the style and fit of their purchase. We provide products tailored to all shapes and styles. Every piece in our collection is made to serve as your trusted companion through a lifetime of experience.


Check Adigs put customers first, we have a team that monitors latest designs, trends and activities we put these occurrence together to give you the best trends and outfit, our customer care center is one of the best handling customer complaints are our first priority, in as much as we try to avoid complaints when we get them we act on them swiftly to make our relationships the best.


Styles: As we recognise the need for styles that are always available, we offer a large variety of styles that are standard and continually available. We cater for clients who require a customized option designed for their corporate identity requirement.

Fabrics: Our fabrics are of premium blends which are durable and appropriate for everyday use. We use beautifully coloured natural fabrics with wrinkle resistant qualities. They are machine washable and easy to care for.